Our program is designed to be the world’s most human higher education experience.

As human beings, we are created in the image of God.

It is that which compels us to unravel the mysteries of far-flung planets, and of long-lost civilizations. Our passion for the beauties of a Shakespearean sonnet, or a Euclidean equation, is born out of our identity as image-bearers. And, we believe, it is this identity that unlocks the door to a uniquely human philosophy of education.

As humans, we are called to ponder and perpetuate Truth, Goodness, and Beauty so as to build a humane society. When we struggle to do so, we become less human, and consequently less humane.

“We’re the only creatures on earth with the capacity to mirror God and the opportunity to model love to the world.”

-Pete Lackey, Faculty Advisor

Western civilization, at one time, rested upon its belief in a Universal Truth. Education’s foundation was built on a Grand Story, a comprehensive worldview that explained all of life. Over time, new philosophical ideas filtered through academia, and the biblical narrative was removed. Students were left without a coherent Story to make sense of the disparate parts of their education ultimately losing the pursuit of Truth, which makes learning meaningful.

And, the pursuit of what is true, good, and beautiful, rooted in the Grand Story, is only part of the equation for a meaning-filled education. We were created with the kind of curiosity that’s only fully satisfied within community. For, like John Donne said, as “no man lives to himself,” no man learns to himself, unless he wants his learning to be less than human learning.

“Take our rich curriculum and cohort and watch the distance between living and learning become almost nonexistent.”

-Davis Norment, Co-founder

That is why we designed an educational model that brings together the rich content of history’s most influential thinkers, founded in the biblical narrative, with learning amidst a small community – a community that affords the intimacy of sustained interpersonal contact between a teacher and his or her students.

We believe our approach is the world’s most human education. We invite you to come see for yourself.