At CreatEd Institute, we see life transformation as an investment worth making.

We know that finances are a vital issue for most people and with the rising costs of higher education, it is becoming increasingly difficult for students to pursue a quality education without absorbing excessive amounts of debt.

At CreatEd Institute, our desire is to provide an affordable education with a transparent cost structure. We lock the cost of tuition when students enroll so families know what costs to expect for the duration of the program, and for the cohort starting in 2020, we have reduced our published cost of tuition by about 20%. 

We are excited about providing an educational experience that unlocks the joy of learning – it is a true investment in the life of a young person.

V. Lee Byberg
President, CreatEd Institute

We've made it possible to minimize or even eliminate the need for student loans.
Here's how.

A 3-Way Partnership To Prevent Student Loan Debt

It has always been our desire for students to be able to graduate the CreatEd Core program with minimal to no (private) student loans or debt, and we’ve developed a way to do it. Along with this year’s 20% decrease in tuition, we have developed a 3-way partnership model between CreatEd, students, and their parents that makes it possible to complete the CreatEd Core program debt free. Here’s how.


We’ve moved to all morning classes to give students the ability to work 20-25 hours a week. With an entry level position, students will be able to partner with their parents to finance the cost of their education.


Parents can invest in their child’s future by partnering with their student and CreatEd to pay a percentage of the tuition and fees. 


In addition to reducing tuition costs by 20%, CreatEd offers a number of grants, scholarships and discounts to further help students and parents work towards finishing the program without the aid of (private) student loans.



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