“Is not the great defect of our education today…that although we often succeed in teaching pupils ‘subjects,’ we fail lamentably on the whole in teaching them how to think: they learn everything, except the art of learning…The sole true end of education is simply this – to teach men how to learn for themselves.”
      – Dorothy Sayers, Writer & Poet

CreatEd Institute’s academic program is structured around teaching students how to learn in order that they may become lifelong learners. We believe the individual is the primary agent in his or her education and therefore equip and encourage our students to step into the reality, rationality, and relationality of human-centered learning.

At the beginning of the program, CreatEd students are taught our patented Rivendell Critical Thinking Method, an educational technique that emphasizes the art of self-learning. Our innovative learning Method develops reading, reasoning, writing, and rhetoric skills in order to teach students how to think actively and analytically for themselves.

Our patented method is used in every module thereafter and serves as the primary assignment for each class, along with active participation in discussions. Eventually students lead discussions with their peers and become men and women with fit minds who can routinely:

  • Identify an argument, theme, or point of view.
  • Clarify the questions to be answered and the problems to be solved.
  • Distinguish main ideas from subordinate ideas.
  • Identify assumptions.
  • Consider implications and consequences.
  • Examine ideas from multiple points of view.
  • Test for accuracy.
  • Express ideas clearly, precisely, and logically.
  • Examine their own biases and prejudices.
  • Evaluate according to biblical standards.

As a result, CreatEd students learn, to quote Sayers, “how to learn for themselves,” preparing them well for any future endeavor.