For a true liberal arts education to succeed, it must be intimately tied to a Great Narrative, a comprehensive worldview that explains all of life.

This context gives meaning to all its individual parts. As a result, students receive a full education, understanding how each subject – critical thinking, theology, philosophy, mathematics, physics, biology, anthropology, sociology, government and law, economics, literature, and fine arts – fit into a greater whole.

Students receive a full education, understanding how each subject…fits into a greater whole.

Historically, the biblical narrative was the assumed foundation of a liberal arts education. Over time, God and His Story were removed, and the liberal arts and sciences fragmented into a hodgepodge of isolated subjects rather than a meaningful, interconnected whole.

At CreatEd, God’s Story is the foundation of our trademarked Sequenced Modular Curriculum. Students study one core subject at a time in the order of the biblical narrative. With this innovative approach, CreatEd students receive a more organic education as each subject is designed to build off the preceding one. Rather than the traditional model where students attend multiple, unrelated lectures and read multiple, unrelated texts, CreatEd students dive deeply into one subject, bringing focus to each discipline.

Consequently, all knowledge is viewed as interrelated and interconnected rather than isolated and independent. And our students find a new passion for learning as they see how all subject matter weaves together into a beautiful tapestry, bringing deep meaning and richness to their education.