Lindi Barrett

Class of 2013

“Because we’re so close with our teachers, they have a huge impact on your life. That’s what really motivated me to go on to study outdoor education as a career.”

Jack Engel

Class of 2014

“It’s so much more than memorizing raw data or raw facts. It’s about thriving as a whole person.”

Katie Platson

Class of 2017

“This program brings so much more than just education… It helps you better yourself in so many ways.”

Nathanial Schmidt

Class of 2017

"CreatEd launched me into a journey of growth."

William Miller

Class of 2017

“I have learned that mystery and not knowledge, faith and not reason, is what truly brings life to mere existence.”

Ellen Whaley

Class of 2012

“I was looking for something very different...I had to say, ‘Look, this is a chance for me to find out who God made me to be.”

“I think CreatEd is probably the best solution to the problems facing America’s education today that I have ever heard of.”

Douglas Gresham, C.S. Lewis' Stepson


Portia Wade

Alumni Parent

“Being an educator, one of the things I was impressed with was their method of instruction.”

Jeanne Kruchowski

Alumni Parent

Positively life changing on so many levels!

Gene Wade

Alumni Parent

“What I saw… was a change in a young man’s life.”