More Than Information

CreatEd Institute provides an education that shapes individuals in the context of community.

“CreatEd launched me into a journey of growth.”

(Nathaniel Schmidt, CreatEd student)

Our program is different.

Here are seven reasons why.

Live and study with a cohort

Christ-centered community is at the core of a transformative learning experience. When you come to CreatEd, you’ll spend two years laughing, studying, hiking, and discovery with the same 15-30 classmates, learn with the same faculty every day, and experience a new perspective together.

Leave Your Textbook Behind

You’ll go straight to the best minds in history and industry by reading the works of people like C.S. Lewis, Plato, Wendell Berry, and so many more. Our philosophy is that a more classical approach to learning allows each student to really interact with each part of the curriculum, rather than simply writing down facts.

Driven by discussion

Too often we’re drowned in information without ever absorbing it. At CreatEd you’ll engage in meaningful discussions, work on group projects, and learn what it means to ask the deeper questions that lie beneath the surface of every subject from Philosophy to Economics.

Study one Subject at a Time

Rather than taking six disconnected courses at once, you’ll have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of one subject at a time in the flow of the Biblical narrative from Theology to Economics.

Think Critically

It’s not enough to simply know information. You have to know how to use it. That’s why we use a critical thinking method as the base of our classroom experience. Using YADA Critical Thinking Software, you’ll navigate arguments and ideas and come out of the program with an ability to think on your feet.

Go beyond the classroom

We don’t stop with classroom discussions. You’ll spend a 5 weeks in Italy studying the fine arts in Venice, Florence, Assisi, and Rome. You’ll also journey into the wilderness of Western North Carolina for CreatEd Endurance, a week of backpacking and discovery of what it means to push into difficult circumstances.

Get real experience

What is an education if it doesn’t translate to the real world? In Phase II of our progam, you work on real life projects, study under real life experts, and walk out of our classroom with real life experience that will help you serve wherever God sends you next.

Here's how it works:

Phase I

(16 months)

Discover a new perspective through an in depth study of the liberal arts from Theology to Economics.

Phase II

(6 months)

Develop habits of innovation through solving real-life problems, working for real businesses, and building hard skills that will carry over into whatever career you pursue.

Start Here

Semester 1

What is Truth?

It’s important to know how to think. That’s why our program begins with a Critical Thinking overview. We spend the rest of the semester setting up foundations in the areas of Theology and Philosophy.

Semester 2

What is Reality?

The universe doesn’t just exist in theory. In the second semester we dive into mathematics, physical science, and biology.

Semester 3

What is Human Being?

How do we fit into the world we live in? The third semester includes studies on anthropology and sociology, and five weeks in Italy to discover and experience the fine arts.

Semester 4

What is Value?

In the fourth semester we examine the building blocks of society through a study of government and law, literature, and economics.

Semester 5

What is Calling?

In this semester we shape the ideas of the first four semesters to begin to ask, “What has God called each of us to individually?” We discover the ideas of entrepreneurship, ideation, and begin to develop skills that fit directly into vocational calling.

Semester 6

Prepare to Launch

Now it’s time to take your calling and turn it into a reality. We begin the final semester with a week backpacking in the wilderness to learn what it means to press into the hardest things in our lives. Throughout the rest of the semester you’ll complete a personalized plan by either working on a venture launch, training under a real business, or studying hard skills that will be necessary for the rest of your life.

Make a difference.

This program doesn’t end with theory. The end goal isn’t just a job, though. It’s about finding the voice that God has given you and leaving with the skills, habits, and ideas that are necessary to impact industry and transform community.