More Than Information

CreatEd Core is a 16-month immersive liberal arts foundation for high school graduates.

The Created Core

What is Truth? What is Beauty? What is Society? Who is God? What does it mean to be fully human? Who am I? These are the questions students wrestle with, and find answers to, in the CreatEd Core

Our 16-month, discussion-based program inspires students through an engaging study of the Great Books built upon the biblical narrative. We pair history's most creative, insightful thinkers with the Truth of God's Story. Rather than offering dozens of unrelated courses, the CreatEd Core's intentional, sequenced curriculum brings meaning to learning, igniting a passion in our students as they make connections between themselves, God's Word, and His world.

Here's how it works:

Start Here

Semester 1

What is Truth?

It's important to know how to think. That's why our program begins with an overview of Critical Thinking and Logic. We spend the rest of the semester setting up foundations in the areas of Theology and Philosophy.

Semester 2

What is Reality?

The universe doesn't just exist in theory. In the second semester we dive into mathematics, physical science and biology.

Semester 3

What is Man?

How do we fit into the world in which we live? In the third semester, we look at the human self in anthropology, the self-in-society in sociology, and human political organization in political theory.

Semester 4

What is Value?

In the fourth semester, we begin to look at questions of value and re-creation through economics, literature, and art (including a four-week trip to Italy).