"At its core, CreatEd is about seeing people change"

– Davis Norment, Co-founder


The mission of CreatEd Institute is to provide
a transformative, discovery-based approach
to higher education that cultivates habits of
learning and innovation while putting students on the path to wise, mature, and productive adulthood.


Our Cause

We’re on a mission to put students on the pathway to wise, mature, and productive adulthood – all while training them how to think critically and building a biblical worldview. 

Our Cost

How have we managed to make it possible for your student to earn a degree debt free? Ask us about our new tuition/work-study structure that makes it possible for students to graduate the CreatEd Core program debt-free….without bankrupting their parents in the process.

Our Campus

The environment where you learn is important – especially in this day and age. That’s why the campus we live on in the Blue Ridge Mountains is small enough to feel like home and provide a safe, friendly atmosphere in a Christian environment.

Our Community

We see education as an opportunity for students to be transformed in all aspects of life, that’s why we surround ourselves with Christian community where students can learn, grow, play, mature, and develop with like-minded people of faith.

Our Neck of the Woods

The environment where you learn is important.
That’s why we call the Blue Ridge Mountains of
Western North Carolina our home.