CreatEd Institute aims to restore the lost art of manners, etiquette, and respect, equipping our students with the nuances of civility that are often overlooked in a traditional education.

Students are schooled in the following areas:

  • Proper protocol concerning greeting and proper handshakes
  • Eye contact when speaking and listening
  • Body language and poise in formal settings
  • Courtesy and respect for others (peers, opposite sex, elderly, authority)
  • Formal and informal dining etiquette
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • People skills

We teach life skills experientially, staying true to our philosophy of “learning through practice.” After proper instruction, students will participate in formal evenings with their cohort, which will include dinner and a cultural event, such as going to the opera or a theatre performance. These real-world experiences will give students the opportunity to put their new-found etiquette and social skills to practice.