Davis Norment and his father, Robert Norment, begin research to address a disconnected and broken education system. The result: A reimagined higher education model that provides a cohesive narrative for a student’s learning experience, bringing meaning to life, the liberal arts, and culture.


With the support of a small team of developers, educators, entrepreneurs, and 30 hardworking families as financial sponsors, the Norments launch the first prototype of the new educational model, calling it Rivendell Sanctuary, in Bloomington, Minnesota. The school graduated over 150 students in the next five years.


CreatEd Institute, the next iteration of the Norments’ innovative educational model, launches in Black Mountain, North Carolina, with the Rivendell curriculum as its foundation. The team chooses to relocate in the Blue Ridge Mountains because of how the area reflects the school’s values of acquainting students with truth, goodness, and beauty. Also, North Carolina represents an incubator for forward-looking educational models, boasting a wide variety of thriving alternative schools due to the state’s history, laws, and demographics.


CreatEd Institute launches The Guild, a customized apprenticeship program for CreatEd graduates that prepares students for professional life through a multi-faceted experiential learning curriculum.


CreatEd Institute is officially licensed by the state of North Carolina to offer the Associate of Arts degree in Critical Thinking and Integrative Studies.

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