Scholarships and Grants

At CreatEd Institute, we understand that an investment in schooling is also an investment in your future, and we are committed to helping make your education at CreatEd Institute possible. Below you will find a number of scholarship and grant opportunities to help you fund your education. 

CreatEd Institute does not currently accept federal or state aid. Aid and discounts issued by CreatEd Institute are available and articulated below.

Early Enrollment Scholarship

This scholarship is offered based on the date of an accepted student’s submission of their non-refundable enrollment deposit. The awarded amount is divided into four semester payments. The awarded amount is deducted from the student’s overall costs, and applied by the billing department each semester.

Fall 2021 cohort Early Enrollment Scholarship deadlines:

$1,500 off – Apply & deposit by December 31, 2020

$1,000 off – Apply & deposit by April 1, 2021

Summit Ministries Affiliate Scholarship

Students who have completed the entire coursework from Summit Session or Summit Semester qualify for a $1,000 CreatEd Institute scholarship. The awarded amount is divided into four semester payments of $250, deducted from the overall cost of the program.

Please note: If the Summit student elects to claim the award in the form of a travel voucher for a campus visit, he or she forfeits the awarded amount to be applied to the overall program costs.

C.S. Lewis Writer’s Scholarship

In honor of C.S. Lewis, the Lewis Foundation has come alongside CreatEd Institute to launch the C.S. Lewis Writer’s Scholarship for young people who wish to be a redemptive cultural voice in society. The C.S. Lewis Writer’s Scholarship is a $2,000 scholarship granted to up to three students per cohort. The amount will be distributed over the 18-month CreatEd Core program. 

To qualify for the C.S. Lewis Writer’s Scholarship, students must write a 500-750 word essay responding to the following prompt: Choose any piece of literature by C.S. Lewis and provide a reflection of the impact it has had on your life. 

CreatEd Institute strives to cultivate reading comprehension, critical thinking, and communication in our students. As such, students participate in daily readings, wrestling with profound and difficult concepts from authors across time. Students are challenged to digest, reflect on, and process what they have read with the hopes that the truths they mine from these readings will lead to personal and spiritual growth and transformation. In congruence with these goals, winners of the C.S. Lewis Writers Scholarship will be selected based on their superior writing skills, reading comprehension, and depth of reflection on the selected piece.

Submissions must be submitted to by June 30, 2021. Recipients who are awarded this scholarship will be notified prior to August 1, 2021. The awarded amount will be deducted from the student’s overall costs, and applied by the billing department based on the student’s selected billing cycle.

CreatEd Grant

As part of their application, students indicate whether or not they will require financial assistance. Students must submit an explanation for the need of the grant. If the need for assistance is approved, CreatEd Institute grants up to $4,000 to the student, divided into four semester payments of $1,000. The awarded amount is deducted from the student’s overall costs, and applied by the billing department each semester. 

Norment Grant

In honor of their call to serve and empower the next generation, the Norment family, the founders of CreatEd Institute, has donated funds to be allocated for students with the greatest need. Students with severe financial circumstances may qualify for the Norment Grant. Students requesting the Norment Grant must have submitted their application with the requirements for the CreatEd Grant and schedule a personal meeting with Bobby Norment, co-founder, and Lee Byberg, CreatEd president, and whomever is financially responsible for tuition (ie. parents, supporters, etc.). The grant is awarded to students at the discretion of CreatEd Institute and is allocated in amounts based on the needs of the individual. The awarded amount is deducted from the student’s overall costs, and applied by the billing department each semester. To set up a meeting, please contact 

Additional Information

If you would like additional information on anything regarding program finances, please contact us at We would love to have a conversation with you to figure out a financial plan that makes it possible for you to attend our program! 

Additional Scholarship Resource

Part-Time Work

To offset the expense of the program, a majority of our students work part-time in the local Black Mountain/Asheville community. Part-time work can effectively cover a portion of the program.