Re-Thinking the way we learn

Our philosophy sets us apart from any other school.

Our program is different.

Here are eight reasons why.

Live and study with a cohort.

Christ-centered community is at the core of a transformative learning experience. When you come to CreatEd, you’ll spend two years studying, hiking, laughing, and discovering with up to 30, learn with the same faculty every day, and experience a new perspective together.

The Cohort Model

Leave your textbook behind.

You’ll go straight to the best minds in history and industry by reading the works of people like C.S. Lewis, Plato, Wendell Berry, and so many more.

The Great Books

Dive into discussion.

Too often we’re drowned in information without ever absorbing it. At CreatEd, you’ll engage in meaningful discussions, work on group projects, and learn what it means to go deeper in each area of study.

The Socratic Method

Study one subject at a time.

Rather than taking six disconnected courses at once, you'll study one subject at a time from theology to economics in the flow of the biblical narrative.

Our Curriculum Model

Think critically.

It’s not enough to simply know information. You have to know how to use it. That’s why we developed a critical thinking method as the base of our classroom experience. Using YADA Critical Thinking Software, you’ll navigate arguments and ideas and come out of the program with an ability to think on your feet.

Our Method

Learn life skills.

We believe in educating with the whole person in mind, which is why we integrate practical life skills into our curriculum. Our students are equipped for both personal and professional life.

Learning Nuances

Go beyond the classroom.

We don’t stop with classroom discussions. You’ll spend four weeks in Italy studying the fine arts in Venice, Florence, Assisi, and Rome.

The Italy Experience

Get real experience.

What is an education if it doesn’t translate to the real world? At CreatEd, you work on real life projects, study under real life experts, and walk out of our classroom with real life experience that will help you serve wherever God sends you next.

The Guild