Good education has a cost, but we’ve done our best to make it affordable.

“At CreatEd Institute, we see education as an opportunity for students to be transformed in all aspects of life.”

We know that finances are a vital issue for most people and with the rising costs of higher education, it is becoming increasingly difficult for students to pursue a quality education without absorbing excessive amounts of debt.

Our desire at CreatEd Institute is to provide an affordable education and be transparent in describing the cost structure. We lock the cost of tuition when students enroll so families know what costs to expect for the duration of the program.

We are excited about providing an experience which turns on the joy of learning. It is a true investment in the life of a young person.

“Our desire at CreatEd is to provide an affordable education.”

– Lee Byberg, President

V. Lee Byberg
President, CreatEd Institute