“At its core, CreatEd is about seeing people change.”

– Davis Norment, CreatEd Co-Founder

Our Mission

The mission of CreatEd Institute is to provide a transformative, discovery-based approach to higher education that cultivates habits of learning and innovation for the 21st Century.

“Our calling is to help students fully realize their identity as people created in God's image...”

At CreatEd Institute, we are building the most human higher education experience. Our calling is to help students fully realize their identity as people created in God's image, or “Imago Dei.” We do this by taking rich Human Content (our curriculum), adding lots of Human Contact (our cohort and apprenticeship models), and educating in the most Human Context (the home and marketplace).

In our CreatEd Core program, students study the “Great Books,” reading and discussing texts written by the greatest minds that have ever lived. This rigorous curriculum is combined with an in-depth study of the Bible, laying the foundation that God is the source of all knowledge. Students learn in a cohort, and do life together each day, from meals to study sessions to hikes on local trails.

“We are building the most human higher education experience.”

Davis Norment, Co-Founder

CreatEd Core graduates can continue at CreatEd Institute by enrolling in The Guild, a customized apprenticeship program that prepares students for professional life through a multi-faceted experiential learning curriculum.

The result: A meaning-filled, holistic education that grows students' understanding of who God created them to be as His image-bearers, and teaches how to live that identity out more fully in every area of life. We invite you to join us.

Davis Norment
Co-Founder, CreatEd Institute

How it works

CreatEd Core

16-month liberal arts program

The Guild

6-month apprenticeship program



A four year program

CreatEd Core

16-month liberal arts program immersed in the Great Books

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The Guild

6 months building real experience and studying entrepreneurship

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The environment that you learn in is important. That's why we call the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina our home.

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The men and women that make CreatEd Institute what it is come from all walks of life, but they all share a passion for seeing lives changed.

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