Lee Byberg, M.B.A.

Chairman & Faculty

Kevin Jenson, M.Ed.

Program Director

Elijah Knapp

Marketing Director

Jack Engel

Network Director

Peter Ikeda

Director of Lead Cultivation

Ryan Woodring, M.Ed.

Academic Coordinator

Davis Norment, B.A.

Life & Learning Coach

Annie Slocum

Life & Learning Coach

Jean Norment

Senior Mentor

Jeff Ingle, M.A.

Faculty & Operations

Robert Evans, M.Div.


Pete Lackey, M.A.

Faculty Advisor

Mallee McGee

Student Life & Outreach Coordinator

Larissa Duprey

Recruiting Coordinator

Elaine Mikel

Recruiting Coordinator

Josh Songster


Ross Linscott

Office Manager

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Board of Directors

Lee Byberg


Courtney Sanford


John Chapin


Advisory Board

Dr. Bill Brown

National Director
Colson Fellows Program

Jordan Raynor

Serial Entrepreneur
Best-Selling Author

Bill Miller

VP of Content Development
Polymath Innovations