Most of us have found ourselves on college websites trying to find just how much of their hard earned money they’re going to spend if they attend that school. We end up sifting through an endless maze of  cryptic messages and overwhelming PDFs, but never get a clear answer to our biggest – how much does this program cost?


Our goal is to avoid the mystery of pricing. Our tuition is all inclusive – rent, food, books, and practically everything you need is bundled together into one number. No hidden fees or unspoken costs to stress over. If that isn’t clear enough, our tuition has a price lock guarantee. While the average college ups their price by 3-8% every two semesters resulting in a financial burden that you didn’t see coming, we promise that the price you see on this site is the price you’ll pay ….


To top it all off, we’ve managed to keep our tuition costs significantly lower than the average private school. Private colleges, on average, charge more than $24,000 a semester. At Created Institute you’ll pay less than half.

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