Now that you’ve gotten a chance to learn a little bit about the Created Institute, you’re ready to apply. This is a big step, but we promise we’ll make it as smooth as possible. Our goal is to eliminate as much stress as possible from the application process.

In order to make applying to our institute a hassle free experience, we’ve waived our application fee.

 Early Acceptance

Applying to join a 2017 cohort? Here are our early acceptance deadlines:

 January 9, 2017 to receive $3,000 off tuition.

March 20, 2017 to receive $2,000 off tuition.

July 1, 2017 to receive $1,000 off tuition.


Just follow the instructions below and we’ll get you started on the process of applying to join the 2017 CreatEd Institute Cohort

  1.  Just fill out your basic information
  2.  You’ll be re-directed to our full application, which you can start on immediately
  3.  There are some parts of our application that require some thought and time, so you’ll be e-mailed a link to your application, which you can save and go back to as many times as you want before submitting it.
  4.  Submit the application
  5.  Wait to hear back from our admissions team.

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